From left to right: Male snow bunting singing. Female Dotterel. Female Ptarmigan calling. Mountain hare in winter sun.


I have been interested in wildlife all of my adult life, beginning with birds and now have a particular interest in wild terrestrial orchids.

I began sound recording 40 years ago on 1/4inch tape and my collection of 800 of these 5” reels of tape is now held by the British Library. A digital version of these is also held by me. As technology has changed I  have recorded in all formats and now do so on SD cards. Always a taker of pictures, especially in my days as a bird ringer when birds in the hand could often be an aid to identification, my photography took a more serious turn at the completion of my working life. I remain, if anything, a naturalist who carries a camera and sound recorder rather than a wildlife photographer.

Mammals, insects, birds, flowers, landscapes; Scotland offers them all in plenty and I hope you will like the images and sounds which this website and its links present for your enjoyment.

In particular I have followed the natural history of those creatures which inhabit the UK's only alpine/artic environment in particular those of the four species pictured above. I am still trying to capture all aspects of these creatures' annual cycles which is a grand excuse for going walking in the mountains!

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